About Us

We provide qualify online printing service at most reasonable price in India. We are providing printing service from our shop "End User Services" in Pune since 2006 and now extending our service as Printer Plug to our online customers.

We saw a customer who simply want to print few documents does not find a quality and cost effective printing shop either locally or online. Local shop like cyber cafes are not having enough tools and knowledge about making good prints and the big online printing companies are too costly and too complex to use. 

So we started in 2006 a dedicated printing service using a range of high quality printers for color and black & white document printing and binding tools. We are providing this service to our corporate and individual customers. Now we have started this Printer Plug online shop which has most simple interface (single page ordering) and most reasonable price in India.  This helps us to serve greater number of customers who needs to print document online. 


Our People

Vivek Jain (Sales) 

He has a passion to bring technology to people of India at reasonable cost. He has a 15 year of  information technology experience and document printing technology. This online service is designed and developed under his vision. He can be contacted at [email protected] .

Bhavesh Jain (Service)

He is passionate to serve customers and people. He has a great 20 years of experience in handling printing shop and understanding customer need. He does whatever he can to have satisfied customers, employees and venders. He can be contacted at [email protected] .